How to Build a Billion-Dollar Business

Want to learn how to make a billion-dollar business? Listen here to John Sculley former CEO of Pepsi and Apple and now consultant of his own highly successful business.  Scully was the originator of

Live it up! with Donna Drake

Donna Drake has a great show, called Live it Up! with Donna Drake, that appears on WCBS and Fios.  She interviews some interesting and unique guests.  Recently, she interviewed her daughter, Elise, who is

Women in Business: Are We Finally On An Even Playing Field?

On an episode of Mad Men on AMC, Peggy Olsen and Joan Harris were being harassed by male clients who had no respect for them because of their gender. Though Mad Men depicts a time in the

My Five Favorite Places to Eat in or Around Long Beach, NY

I grew up in Long Beach, NY but since then, things have changed dramatically and for the better!  Here are my five favorite places to eat in or around Long Beach, NY: Brasserie Persil

My Baby is Going to College…

I can’t believe that my baby is going off to college. My mother used to tell me that the years go way to fast and enjoy every moment while it lasts, but I didn’t

Tips for Conducting Business Across Continents

By Benoit Gruber, Vice President of Corporate Communications, Sage Enterprise Market & Sage X3 If you’re looking to conduct cross-continent business, know that you can, but the task is not easy. Managing one location

Five Places To Eat In Union Square NY

There are so many amazing restaurants in Union Square in New York City. Since I moved my office there a few months ago, so many people have asked me for the top five places

Get Into Fighting Shape with Krav Maga

With temperatures scorching all across the country, even leaving the house for a minute leaves you sweaty and sticky. This is not a good combo when your reason for leaving the house is the

Google Maps and Will Help You Plan Your Next Trip Seamlessly

by Elizabeth Montoya Have you ever tried planning a trip within the US, only to find out there was a better mode of transportation that met your schedule or budget? Recently, Google announced a

W Hotel Chicago Does It Really Make the Cut?

I recently stayed at the W Hotel in Chicago on Lakeview Drive. The hotel was about a mile or so from Navy Piers where the conference that I was attending was held. I walked Brings You the Latest In:

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