You Won’t Believe What We Found…

You Won’t Believe What We Found… We’re moving. I don’t know where we’re going yet, but we’re in contract with our house. Now, I know a deal isn’t a deal until we close, but in the meantime, in preparation for... Read more

Selling on EBay, Is It Worth It?

Selling on EBay, is it worth it? Some people will tell you that they’ve made a ton of money on EBay, but I’ve been doing it now for a while and I can assure you that you will probably end... Read more

Did You Know that Fortunoff Was Back?

Did you know that Fortunoff¬†was back? Fortunoff’s was established in 1922 in Brooklyn by Max and Clara Fortunoff. At some point, the business opened on Long Island and was a staple in Westbury for as long as I could remember.... Read more

Vacation Getaway: Park City, Utah

Vacation Getaway: Park City, Utah My family and I decided to get away spring break to Park City, Utah. We haven’t gone skiing as a family in years and decided it was time. The last time I was in Park... Read more