If Another Person Tells Me He Has An Entrepreneurial Firm…

Seriously?  If another person tells me he has an entrepreneurial firm I think I am going to scream! I know that sounds a little extreme but come on.  Really? To me, I find it insulting.  No one

Patti Smith Concert Teaches a Lesson on Aging

I was at the Beacon Theatre in NYC the other evening watching Patti Smith perform her album Horses.  This was her 40th anniversary concert to the day. I always loved Patti Smith’s music.  She

What is Your Travel Gnome?

What is your travel gnome? Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of traveling ducks, bears and even gnomes.  Most recently, I saw them all at the TWA Flight Center at JFK Airport in Queens.

Top 10 Things You’re Paying Too Much For by Guest Blogger

Top 10 Things You’re Paying Too Much For… This was sent to me by another PR Firm and I thought it was interesting since the holidays are around the corner and it’s time now

Mark Your Calendar

Mark your calendar and make sure to attend a great fashion event at Bloomingdale’s in Roosevelt Field on Saturday, November 14 at 1 pm. NYDJ has teamed up with InStyle Magazine and will be

Common Foot Problems & How to Avoid Them

Check out this informative infographic providing an overview of the common foot problems and offers tips on how to avoid them. Also, find out what types of shoes can trigger foot problems.

Why I Will Become an Ironman by Bernice Imei Hsu

Why I will become an Ironman? In 2012, I was busy performing in the local professional belly dance scene, when I started dating Michael, who was training for his fourth Ironman. Both of us had

Corporate Logo Tattoo

Would you put a corporate logo tattoo on your body? What about if you loved the brand? Training for and competing in an Ironman event is both challenging and I’m sure very rewarding.  Only

A Day in San Francisco

When we visited my son at UC Berkeley a couple of weeks ago, we had one day in San Francisco. We went out there for homecoming weekend and parent weekend.  The first night, we

TWA Terminal at JFK Turns Into a Hotel

The old TWA terminal at JFK turns into a hotel? In Timeout Magazine, my husband and I noticed that there was an open house at the old TWA terminal building at JFK. It read,

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