Book Review: Tom Oliver’s Nothing Is Impossible

The year I graduated from Middle School, my grandfather wrote in my yearbook, “Shoot for the Stars.”

When I asked him what he meant, he told me that I could be whatever I wanted to be as long as I set my mind to it. I don’t know if I believed him then, my parents were both hard working people who never went to college and could barely pay their bills.  I knew I didn’t want to struggle like them, so I followed my grandfather’s advice. Later that same year, my grandfather passed away, but his note in my yearbook, continued to resonate with me.

I really hadn’t thought about it, until I read the book, “Nothing is Impossible – 7 Steps to Realize your True Power and Maximize Your Results,” by Tom Oliver.

The book, well-written and well-presented in 235 pages, was compelling. It reminded me of  Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret.

I liked that each chapter included several exercises to help the reader define what he/she really wanted and how to get there.

The beginning of the book, discusses spontaneity and its importance in finding what you are truly passionate about.

Oliver also writes about how every challenge includes positive energy. He said with every challenge there are opportunities. He guides the reader to finding positive energy.

There is so much negativity around us.  The news always focuses on negativity.  Even our friends and family can focus on negative behaviors.  So how can you be positive in a negative world?

Oliver includes an interesting exercise on removing the invisible bars of your prison cell. He tells the reader to make two lists – first, limitations and second, every sentence starts with “There is not enough (money, time, health, job opptys, etc.)…” He tells the reader to burn the first and turn the second into abundance and repeat that list – “There is an abundance of…. in my life.” Keep re-reading it every day, Oliver writes, until it comes to fruition.

He tells the reader to stop listening to criticism.  Every one will have an opinion and if it’s negative and not worthy throw it out of your mind.  But, if it’s constructive, it may be worth the listen. However, if you find in your heart that something is worthy, then go for it.  He says, your intuition will never steer you wrong.

What’s interesting about this book as opposed to some of the other spirituality books I’ve read is that Oliver applies these tecniques to business.  He tells the reader to become your own “Buddha in Business.”

He says if you have an organization that promotes free thinking of ideas and positive energy, it will succeed.  He has proof by talking with the great business leaders of today, like Richard Branson and Warren Buffet.

Oliver says that one of the most important decisions to make when bringing on a top person is to ask, “Are the visions aligned?” If the person that you are with is not right, there is someone else out there who is the right person and Oliver says “you’re wasting your time and energy with the wrong choice.”

He tells the reader to go with your gut, intuitive abilities and everything else your senses are telling you.  This will help you succeed in business. Oliver says if you have the right team, there is little to stop you from achieving what you set out to achieve.

I loved this book.  I found it motivating and inspiring. As we enter the new year, I plan on practicing some of the techniques that Oliver discussed to help me overcome some of the obstacles that I’ve been facing.  It made me feel hopeful and I think you will feel the same way!


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