Google Glass and The Glass Squad

Tune in to Hilary Topper On Air this week to hear from “The Glass Squad!” After a trip to Fort Myers/Sanibel, Florida along with four other influential Google Glass Explorers, the team decided to create “The Glass Squad” consisting of Hilary Topper – CEO and President of HJMT Public Relations Inc. and your host, Keith Kaplan – Social Brand Strategist at IBM, Jeris Miller – Creator, Founder and Executive Producer of Dakini 3 Media & Sky Dancer Productions, George “Loki” Williams – Owner of Social Gumbo LLC and Eva Smith – Founder and Publisher of Tech Food Life Magazine. “The Glass Squad” is a Google Glass Explorer partnership between these five influencers highlighting content produced by the individual Explorers and larger combined projects. With a hand in all different industries, platforms and areas, find out how “The Glass Squad” is breaking barriers using Google Glass and pioneering the distribution of innovative content using this new and emerging technology. If you love technology, marketing and innovation, this is a show you don’t want to miss!

Hear more from the Glass Squad and find out what is to come using Google Glass…


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