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I met the owners of Plated at Blogher ’13 in Chicago.  At their booth, I sampled some of their food and was truly impressed.  The concept was intriguing to me.  You go online to and select the dish or dishes that you would like to serve your family.  You place the order and within a few days, a box is delivered to your home with all the ingredients you need to prepare a restaurant style dish.

At the booth, the owners offered me a code to try it out at home. I had a few concerns —

  • I don’t know how to cook;
  • I get home late and to start preparing something is a hassle;
  • Will I have time to make a nice dish without it being too late and too difficult to make?

The owners sent me a followed up email. So, I decided to give it a try.  I ordered Chicken Piccata with Penne and Snow Peas.  The website told me it would be here the following Tuesday.

DSC00703And sure enough, the package was delivered at my doorstep on Tuesday.  All day, I stressed about it.  I was afraid that the food would go bad since no one was home and it sat outside all day.  But my concerns were unwarranted.

When I opened the box, the food was fresh and looked delicious.

I found it very stressful trying to cook everything at the same time.  But in the end, it was truly incredible.  My family loved it.

DSC00709The thing I liked best was that everything was included in the box and whatever wasn’t included like eggs and flour, I knew I needed before the box arrived.  I don’t know about you, but when you decide to make something from a cookbook and you don’t have all the ingredients, it’s very frustrating.  Plated gave you everything you needed.  And everything was really fresh!

Check out my video through Google Glass to take a look at my experience with Plated…


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  • LisaHJMT

    This is so cool!

    • It was really cool. I was amazed that it was so easy to make. I can’t say it wasn’t stressful, but it wasn’t difficult and tasted like fine dining. Thanks! Brings You the Latest In:

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