What Is Wearable Technology Anyway?

There’s been so much talk about Google Glass. If you do a Google search, there will be pages and pages of news articles, blog posts, Youtube videos and more about Google Glass and yet, the average person probably wears wearable technology every day or at least every other day.

So what is wearable technology?

Obviously, it’s anything that you wear that has a computer chip incorporated into it.  So Google Glass would be considered wearable technology but also, any fitness watch, any type of tracker that you wear on you (for example a heart monitor), even some clothes are now incorporating the technology. (And some of these clothes are quite fashionable.)

Here are some of the practical uses for wearable technology:

  • Clothes that track heart rate and breathing, especially for sleep apnea
  • Posture tracker that evaluates the way you stand or sit and gives you a vibration if you are slouching.
  • Industrial purposes, such as training while working
  • Smart watches where you can access apps like your cell phone
  • Watches that track when you run, bike and swim from one device
  • Jewelry that can be turned on, off, change colors and more
  • Socks to track cadence, speed, and distance when you run
  • Bras to track your heart rate and calories burned when you exercise

The uses for wearables is unlimited and will be more and more popular as we continue to evolve.  That is why in 2014, we decided to hold a wearable tech show on Google On Air.  Watch for it in February!

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