I Don’t Understand Why Some Clients Don’t Pay Their Bills

Fact: I pay all my bills on time.

Fact: There are many people who feel they can get away with not paying their bills and use every excuse in the book not to pay.

Fact: It’s frustrating because it’s always the same story (and I’ve heard all of them!).  It’s almost like there is a group of people who don’t pay their bills who sit around together and discuss ways to get out of paying!

Last year, I got an email from a client who owned a security company. He wrote he remembered that he owed my firm money and wanted to square it away.  I told him he owed us $2,000.  That was the last time I heard from him.

Another former client, ended our relationship owing HJMT $3000. When I tried to get in touch with him, he ignored my emails. He ignored my phone calls. He ignored me and my staff.

About six months ago, a former employee notified me the client had passed away. I felt terrible until yesterday, when I received a note from him asking me for the passwords on a blog we had created for him that he never paid us for. I looked at the email in shock and called Kristie Galvani and Lisa Gordon.

“Am I going crazy or isn’t this person supposed to be dead?” I asked.

They both laughed. Strange how when people owe you money, they let time pass so you forget and then arise from the dead!



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  • Sharon Maxwell-Yamamoto

    I have no clue why people think they can do that. It happens to my husband too. He’s an attorney and he has many people who keep asking him to do things and then never pay, And once he started on a case or task, he feels he can’t just stop, so he does the work even knowing he won’t get paid. That drives me crazy! I have trouble keeping my mouth shut over that.

    • http://www.hjmt.com Hilary JM Topper, MPA

      Tell me about it. I think that if you go into business for yourself you have to expect a certain percentage of the bills will never be paid. I represented a huge bank that merged with another bank. They decided not to pay me and then when I won the law suit, I wasn’t able to collect because the bank’s main headquarters is in Boston. It makes me angry too. It’s not right…

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