Is It Really Okay?

Have you ever asked anyone for their opinion on a new shirt or a new haircut? The person you ask, says, “it’s okay.”  Do you know what that means?

Yesterday, I was at a golf shop with my friend, Steve, and I asked him what he thought about a new pair of FootJoy golf shoes.  He looked at them and said, “They’re ok.”  I took it to mean that he liked the shoes.  I tried them on and they were very comfortable.  I asked my husband who was also in the same store what he thought.

“Absolutely no,” he said.  “They are the ugliest golf shoes ever.”

I turned and looked at Steve.  “What do you think?”

“Ahh, yeah,” he said.  “I agree.  I’m not crazy about them.”

Later that evening I asked him why he wasn’t truthful with me when I picked up the pair of shoes.  He told me he was.  He told me he gave me the clue by saying, “it’s okay.”

It’s okay means it’s not okay?  Is there something wrong with the picture or is it just the way you say it?

2 thoughts on “Is It Really Okay?

  1. Most times people ask your opinion because they want you to confirm what they think. It's takes a pretty strong relationship for one party to feel comfortable sharing an honest opinion. “It's okay” is a safe response in that whoever says it knows the recipient of the comment will hear what he/she wants to hear.

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