My Life

On Cousins…

All of a sudden I have a ton of cousins.  I’m not complaining.  As a matter of fact, I like it. Both my uncle’s married late and had children late, so my first cousins weren’t around when I was young.  Then, one of my uncles remarried and his wife had two girls who became my cousins. I even found a cousin on Facebook!

Growing up, I didn’t have any cousins.  Well, that’s not true.  I had four cousins who lived in the Bronx — three boys and a girl. Every summer, they stayed with my sister and brother and I in my parent’s house. And, we became very close. Every summer was another adventure at my house.  We lived by a dock yard and would either jump in the bay or we would be up to some sort of mischief.  Now that we are adults, I rarely talk with my cousins, only at special occasions.

And, the other night I saw three of the four of my cousins.  One of the men’s son got married and my sister and I drove up to Pelham to start out at the church and the reception followed in New Rochelle.  It was a lovely affair.  It was particularly great to see my two male cousins who I hardly ever see and my female cousin who I talk with all the time.  She’s only two years older and we are really like sisters.

My sister and I received such a warm reception that evening, that when we left we both had a huge smile on our faces.

Thinking about cousins, I am really grateful to have so many cousins now.  It’s nice to be able to share experiences and feel that mutual bond.

Tell me about an experience with your cousins.