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Are GPS Systems Getting Nicer?

My first GPS was a portable one.  I took it in and out of my car all the time.  When I rented a car in another city, I would take it with me.  It worked great, except it was downright mean!  I’m not kidding.  If I didn’t make a turn, it would yell at me in a woman’s voice. If I went off the scheduled route, it would scream out, “OFF ROUTE, YOU ARE OFF ROUTE!”

It was a little ridiculous.  I used to call it the “whip lady.” When my new car had a GPS built in, I gave it to my daughter to use in her car.

My next GPS was not so mean. It told me the direction to go and often times, I would end up in a place that I didn’t want to be in.  I’m not sure why it wasn’t always accurate, but it wasn’t. The good thing about this one was that it was a little nicer, it had a gentler voice.

Today, I have a new car with a GPS built in and the GPS is too nice.  When it wants me to turn, it says please.  When I turn, it says thank you. (Well, not exactly but I feel like it appreciates the fact that I am going on the path it wants me to go.)

As I was sitting in the car today to meet Kristie Galvani, I was thinking how GPS systems have changed through the years.  They seem to be more accurate, more user friendly and much nicer than ever before!

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2 thoughts on “Are GPS Systems Getting Nicer?

  1. You can get different voices for your GPS units, Arnold, Clint, Woody, Donald Duck, etc,… Men women, Barbara Streisand and others so they don't all have to yell at you some can even say “Let's do Lunch” or Phyllis Diller so there are some fun options. The newer units do update through the computer and many have lifetime traffic and map updates. The newest built in's you have to go to the shop and they charge an arm and a leg also you have to wait until they have their update which can sometimes be years behind. I find the Garmin, Magellan and Tom Tom much more user friendly and easier to update. Also the traffic portion uses signals from their own GPS units in the area to determine the number of vehicles in a given area for more accurate traffic reporting or you have the Sirrus traffic which is not always as accurate. Like any navigation system always check your routes before you leave or go and make sure you have an idea of your surroundings in case you do find you have to detour. Points of interest, meal, rest or hotel stops are great with these nav systems because they have the info to contact the places while enroute and if your nav unit has Bluetooth which most do have, you can just make the call right from your phone in the car on the way. Check availability or make a reservation. Can you say Route 17 Catskills, coming from Camp or going shopping at Harriman?
    Pretty soon they'll be telling us what's on sale at which store and even ordering our food and clothes for us. Some day, glad that day is not here yet though. Hope this helps, there many good Navigation options these days and they are getting much more detailed each year.

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