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Have Times Changed?

When I was growing up, we had one television set in my parent’s bedroom. It was a black and white television and my brother, sister and I would sit on their bed watching television. We didn’t talk to each other. Whether it was “I Love Lucy” or “The Little Rascals,” we just focused on the show of the moment.

Today, things have changed a little.  We no longer sit on my parent’s bed watching television.  Now, my children sit on my bed with their laptop computers and either Facebook their friends or Tweet about something trending. Whatever we all do on the computer, we are focused in the moment.

So have times really changed or is it just the technology that changed?

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1 thought on “Have Times Changed?

  1. I know what you mean! I remember sitting with my parents just watching TV as a little kid too. But now, I sit with my cell next to me, my computer open with FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and numerous blogs up and watch TV. And, if I miss a few lines of the show I’m watching, I just rewind it – the power of DVR 🙂

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