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Have You Heard Of Goodreads?

I’ve been a member of Goodreads, the social networking site for people who love to read, for more than a year now.  But just recently I started to explore it and really got to use it.

What I like about the site is you can list the books you have read, give a brief overview and your opinion about the book and share it with your social networking friends in other networks including Facebook and Twitter.  One of the coolest features is, if a friend is reading a book and you like the review, you can click on the book and it will be linked to Amazon where you can purchase the book.

Obviously, you can also buy new books, used books or anything that is listed in their database.

I like that you can keep track of the books you read too. You can list them under “to read,” “read”  or “reading.” Since I review a lot of social networking books and love to read business and marketing books, I had plenty on my list.  When I typed in the name of the book, the book came up and was placed in my shelf.

You can compare what you are reading to one of your friends or colleagues.  You can read their reviews and get a sense as to whether or not you want to read the book. It also enables you to find out if they read the same books as you so that when you see the person at an event, you have something in common, something to talk about.

As part of my set up, I joined three book groups so that I can get involved in the discussions and meet others who have the same interests as me.

If you love to read any type of book, you should consider joining Goodreads.  I did and I’m really enjoying it!

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  1. Always looking for good summer reading. I will have to check this site out. Thanks for the suggestion!

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