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Tips on Promoting A Published Book…

We have represented numerous authors and book publishing companies through the years. With self-publishing on the rise, more and more authors either seek our services or ask us how to get visibility for their published book.

Here are some of the tips and suggestions we offer:

  • Start with your local media – send out a short email to media contacts locally and be sure to put your town in the subject line.  For example write, “East Islip resident wrote book about X….”
  • Research a media list on the Internet and send out emails to the targeted list giving a very short description of what the book is about and who you are.
  • Don’t forget about bloggers. Bloggers have a lot of influence in buying decisions.
  • Be prepared to have dozens of books on hand so that if a reporter or blogger wants a review copy, you have one to send out.
  • Follow up with reporters and bloggers if you don’t hear back from them.  Many times, we follow up at a minimum of five times before giving up.  Every time you follow up, try a new angle or approach.
  • Give talks.  Authors seem to sell a lot more books when they speak in front of large groups across the country.  Make sure the group is the right target.
  • Don’t be too concerned about a negative review. Have you ever heard the term, “any publicity is good publicity?” What this does is it gets your book’s name out in the public eye.  Not everyone will love your book but as long as it’s getting reviewed, that’s good news.
  • Write bylined articles.  Remember to write bylined articles for trade publications to set you up as an expert.  Include your book and a link to the site where someone can buy it.
  • Social media can be your best friend. Make sure to have a Facebook page, Twitter page and other social networking sites set up to educate your community and create a place to have discussions about the book.

Many people think that if you write a book, especially if it’s published with a big publishing house, that your book will sell.  Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. It’s important to try to get out there as much as possible.  The more exposure, the more your books will sell.

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3 thoughts on “Tips on Promoting A Published Book…

  1. Before we complete our nostalgic ONCE UPON OUR TIMES: 65 Years Growing Up Baby Boomers, Cookie Horowitz and I have connected to many 1965 classmates at East Meadow High School who reminisced with us in opinions and comments about growing up in suburbia, the old neighborhoods, hobbies, dating, high school, careers, marriages.  We have an active Facebook Community (EMHS Class of 1965 book) and a website (, where people are pre-ordering before its November publication. We’re always on the look-out for print and social media where we can pre-plug this walk down Memory Lane.  (Sharon Sultan Cutler

  2. Thanks for your excellent comments and suggestions on marketing a book.  We’ve just set up our Facebook page for Once Upon Our Times today – and 14 people- including 2 strangers- have signed up as liking us.  We are now promoting the page everywhere we find…

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