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Having Windows by Kristie Galvani

As many of you know we moved our Long Island office on 8/1 to 145 Pinelawn in Melville, part of Greenway Plaza. There are many things that I love about this office including the cleanliness of the building, my own reserved parking spot, the colors on our office walls, the new lobby furniture, and more.

However, my favorite thing has to be the windows in my office.

When I started with HJMT ten years ago we had a little office suite in Long Beach and while it wasn’t my own office (I only started out as an office assistant) there were windows and you could even see the Atlantic ocean off in the distance.

When we upgraded and moved to a more corporate building with a larger suite in Westbury we lost our connection to the outside world. Our office was in the interior of the building and while we did get to look out at a pretty atrium, we never saw outside. There were so many times that I would walk out at the end of the day and be completely surprised that is was down pouring or better yet that we had three inches of snow on the ground!

In our new office in Melville, my office (this time it is my own :)) has windows overlooking another building, our parking lot and lots of really beautiful trees.

Since I have been in the new office I have felt less stress and anxiety. I have been feeling more positive.  I’m usually not very Feng Shui, but I think the windows and natural light help change my mood.

What do you think?


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