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Nannette Lepore Sample Sale in NYC

The other day, Kristie Galvani and I were in the city.  We had a presentation to make at a new potential client’s office and as we walked in the building, I noticed that there was a hand written sign saying that Nannette Lepore was having a sample sale on the fourth floor.

“Can’t we go now?” I asked Kristie, like a kid out of a candy store.

“Let’s go to the meeting first and then we’ll have more time to browse,” she said, being realistic.

After the meeting was finished, we both got on the elevator and I smiled as I pushed the down button to the fourth floor.  My heart was palpitating. I know this sounds crazy but I love her clothes. She designs them to be both feminine yet professional.

I ended up buying four suits for the price of two! I must sound like a shopaholic and I probably am but when I see something that I really enjoy wearing and it’s so discounted, I get excited… Wouldn’t you?

Tell me a time when you got excited about something.

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