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I Felt the Love After Hurricane Sandy…

Talk about negativity! Everywhere I go, whether it’s a local restaurant, the hotel’s breakfast room or waiting on line for gas, everyone seems to be negative.

Yet, what people don’t realize is it really could have been worse for them. I look around and think I am lucky that I have a hotel room (that my sister found for me when I was in Florida), when many people are trapped in their freezing homes with no food. I am lucky that I have a rental car after my car got totaled from being under water. And I am lucky that the flood only affected the first floor of my home and not the second!

People almost drowned from Hurricane Sandy. People were displaced with no where to go and many people don’t even have flood insurance.

When the national guard, FEMA, police and other security guards are driving up and down your block, it’s hard to stay positive.  But you know what?

I have never felt so much love as I did after Hurricane Sandy struck my home town of Long Beach, NY. People who I hadn’t talked to in years tried reaching out to me to offer their support. People who I do business with wanted to help. People from the social media community shared their love and support.

I am so grateful to my family, my friends, my co-worker, colleagues and all of you who have showed me your love and support. You don’t know how much it means to me to have you in my life!

I wish I could mention everyone’s name but I do want to give a shout out to a couple of people who really went above and beyond for me including Kevin Kelly of Big Buzz, a digital media agency in Melville. Kevin offered a place for my staff to work. Unfortunately, the power was out at Greenway Plaza Office Park and Kevin invited my staff to work in his office.

Carole Lakin of Enterprise Rent-A-Car for offering to help get cars for my staff and me. Since so many people lost their cars, rental cars were and still are a hot commodity. She’s been a client for several years and we always valued the relationship but during this time, she showed me her true colors and for that I really appreciate it.

Courtney Capshaw of Lockheed Martin for offering to come to my home and help with the clean up efforts.  Her phone call made me cry. It meant so much to me.  And then there were people like Emily Haggman of the Haggman Group who kept sending me inspirational messages and Morris Stemp of Stemp Systems (IT company in Long Island City) who when I joked and said “come help me at my home,” he jumped at the opportunity to help me out. Of course, my sister and brother have been there for me along with my niece, Jessica who spent her entire Saturday going through my house taking an inventory of the damaged goods.

There were so many other people too, like Donna Rivera Downey of the Girl Scouts of Nassau County who kept tweeting and texting me to make sure I was okay and my Aunt Anne who kept calling me. Then there were people like Tom Gretch of JJT Energy, Jeff Bass and so many other people who invited me and my family to stay with them.   If I keep mentioning names though, this blog post will never end! You know who you are and I want you to know that I appreciate you!

Thank you for showing your love and support during this difficult time!

Love is so much more powerful and positive than hate and despair. Let’s try to get through this with love in our hearts and souls. By being positive, we can get through this and be better than before!



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