Steven Page Rocks The Mercury Lounge in NYC

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FUN is the only word to describe the Steven Page (originally with the Bare Naked Ladies (BNL)) concert last night at the Mercury Lounge. I have been a big fan of the Bare Naked Ladies for a long time and to see Page up close and personal was an incredible experience for me.

Page has the most amazing voice. He doesn’t even need a microphone. He projects his voice so well that you can feel his presence going through you. He also is a very savvy dresser, wearing pink pants and a plaid jacket with a tie. I noticed that his backup band also wore a tie and I was impressed. Usually at these types of shows, the musicians are dressed down so much. I thought this gave the show a little finesse.

There were less than 200 people at the Mercury Lounge for the early show yesterday. Page noted that a few years back, he would have sold out Madison Square Garden and today he is at this small club in the city. However, he said with honesty and sincerity that he was happy to be there. “I’m happy to have my family, my friends and all of you here to experience my music, which is something I deeply love,” he said.

I still have the chills when I think about what he said. It made me smile to know that he is doing what he loves doing and although he may not be making as much money as he once did, he loves what he’s doing so he is a rich man.

At the concert, Page’s backup band were member of Feist, an Indy band big on Alt Nation. They were incredible musicians.

Steven Page sang Jane, The Old Apartment, What a Good Boy, Enid, It’s all Been Done, Intermittently, and Brian Wilson. These are all songs he wrote and sang when he was with BNL. Since starting his solo career in February 2009, he also sang She’s Trying to Save Me, Marry Me and The Chorus Girl. By the end of the show, he had the entire audience engaged.

I love seeing artists in small venues. It’s so much more intimate and inviting. The venue wasn’t crowded so there was plenty of room to dance and just have a good time.

There’s something about Page’s voice that just makes me feel happy. I had a smile on my face during the entire show.

I found out after the show that my husband and I have been following Page without even knowing it. Page was in Ottawa the same time we were there, he lives in Fayattesville, which is right outside of Syracuse, also a place we were. Before the show, my husband suggested that we go to Katz’ Deli. I had never been there before but knew it was a famous NYC landmark. When we walked in, guess who was there? Steve Page, his wife, another woman and a little boy. We were thrilled to see him.

After the show, I purchased two of his albums, which I plan to review in future blog posts.

P.S. By the way, if you want to see the show, he’s playing on Amagasett, Long Island at Steven Talkhouse.

P.S.S. Here’s a little snippet of what you will see:


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