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Tech Monday: On Becoming a #GoogleGlass Explorer

Everyone keeps asking me how did I get a pair of Google Glass?

There was a Twitter contest (I guess you can call it a contest), where people had to submit in 140 characters or less what they would do if they had Google Glass.  The hashtag was #IfIHadGlass.

I originally wrote, #IfIHadGlass I would wear them to the #diva half marathon in Myrtle Beach.  However, the half marathon came and went and I wasn’t selected.  So I started to write, “I want my #GoogleGlass more than I want my MTV!”  (For those of you who weren’t around in the 1980’s, the campaign for MTV was “I Want My MTV!” Even Dire Straits, the band, wrote a song about wanting their MTV.)

Well, that worked.  I was told to fill out a form to be an “explorer” and to purchase the glass. Once I did that, I was told to come in for an appointment to fit the glass.

I didn’t know what to expect. I had never been to Google’s offices in Manhattan’s meat packing district and I didn’t know what would happen there.

My appointment was on Wednesday, July 17th.  I walked in with three friends.  I was afraid that they would turn two of them away but they didn’t.  Everyone was extremely friendly and I felt like a VIP.

We waited for two minutes before Beau came out to greet us.

He took us into a large loft with kiosks. Everyone wore Glass.  I felt as if I was on Deep Space Nine.  I was waiting for Jordi to come out and take me to another dimension!  Then I snapped back into reality when Beau took me over to the glass counter and asked if I still wanted the “sky blue” color. When I saw it, I realized that it may be a little too bold to wear around. I decided to go with a more subdued color that blended in with my hair.

Next, he took us over to our own kiosk.  One of the staff members went in the back and got me the pair I selected.  Meanwhile another staff member asked us if we wanted champagne, beer, wine, soft drink along with assorted finger foods.  It was very upscale and just “cool!”

He spent a lot of time with me and I felt like I couldn’t absorb it all but he assured me that if I needed support there was a special community just for Glass users. “You’ll find a wealth of information in the community and the more you wear Glass, the more you will love it.”

After I took them home, I had a few questions and reached out to Google.  A representative named Deric called me back and was extremely patient.  (Can you believe?  You can’t even call LinkedIn or Facebook to get a live person?)  At the end of all my questions and his answers, he said to me, “thank you Hilary.  You are shaping the future for all of us….” Hmmm… what an interesting thought.  Remember when the cell phone was introduced and everyone laughed that it would never take off?

Now, that you know my story, I will continue to blog about its features in upcoming weeks.  Stay tuned…


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