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HJMT PR Hosted A Corporate Fitness Challenge

My HJMT staff and I decided to go to Fusion Health & Fitness in Long Beach and talk with Jason Kerr, owner, about starting an Employee Fitness Challenge.

We sat with Jason for about two hours.  The first hour, he spent talking with us about our challenges and goals. He then went over a monthly fitness schedule, how to use a meal log along with sample menus, how to fill out a cardio journal and what we should be doing on a weekly basis.

He told us that we needed to email him every week with our current weight, number of hours that we worked out that week and if we performed a Fusion Fit Circuit Training (which is a six part circuit training where you do a particular activity for one minute and count the reps.  This included jumping jacks, push ups, freestanding squats, mountain climbers, reverse dips and crunches.)

After the talk with Jason, my staff and I did the Fusion Fit Circuit Training.  I can’t say it was easy and it was really exciting that I was able to do double the reps of everyone else but I also work out all the time.

For the next four weeks, Jason based our activity on a point system.  For example, if you lost weight, you got 3 points for every percentage point of weight lost; 1 point for every hour of workout; and 1/2 point for every 5 additional reps gained in the challenge.

Every week, my staff talked about the week before during a staff meeting.  We discussed challenges and obstacles as well as rewards and accomplishments.  There was one week where I blew everyone under the water by exercising for 7 hours.

In the end, Elizabeth Montoya won.  She followed what Jason told her to do.  She cut out soda and other non-essentials from her diet and exercised an average of 1.5 hours per week. She also started to eat smaller meals more often, which was one of Jason’s suggestions.

She lost more than 5 pounds in one week. “The program opened my eyes to eating better,” said Elizabeth.  “I’m eating healthier and I’m trying to exercise when I can so that I continue to lose weight. I’ve tried those fad diets before and they never worked.  This really works.”

Not only did Jason Kerr of Fusion Health & Fitness help us start to think about what we ate and how much we exercised, he also helped us bond as a team.  Thanks Jason!



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