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Ever Wait For Someone Who Never Shows?

At my last “official” business meet up of the year, I sat patiently at the Sweet Hollow Diner off Route 110 in Melville, Long Island, waiting for a colleague who never showed up.

I sat at the “four” person table, which really is a two person table. I was served water and coffee.

Five minutes goes by, I check my phone for my emails. 15 minutes goes by, I check my emails again. This time, I send my colleague a message.  I didn’t have his email address but since we’ve been coordinating through Facebook, I figured I would send him a message there. The message said, “I’m sitting at a table.”

Twenty minutes later, I decided to place an order. I had been up for hours and was starting to get hungry. I stood up and looked around.  You never know. One time I was sitting waiting and someone else was too and we ended up sitting at different tables in the same diner!  By the time we found each other, it was practically time to go to the next appointment.

He wasn’t in the diner.

When my food came, the waitress asked that I sit in a “two-person” booth, which is barely for one person. I moved. I was still able to see the door. I checked my email again. This time I wrote on Facebook, “I’m leaving at 9 am.”

It’s extremely frustrating when you are waiting for someone.  Since I don’t like to be late for an appointment, I was giving my son such a hard time in the morning to get out earlier than we needed to get out.  All I kept thinking about was here I made a huge effort to meet this person, who by the way, I had a couple of leads for, I had an argument with my son to get out early and then the person doesn’t even show up!

I’ve had this happen to me before. I have waited nearly an hour in the past. If I’m going to someone’s office and they are not there, I leave after 15 minutes. I’m not sure what is appropriate or not but I figure at someone’s office 15 minutes is long enough. My rule of thumb for a breakfast or lunch is 1/2 hour, after 15 minutes I order food.

9 am came, I finished my bowl of oatmeal, asked for the check, paid the waitress and within two minutes, I was out the door.  At least the Sweet Hollow is only five minutes from my office….


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7 thoughts on “Ever Wait For Someone Who Never Shows?

  1. So rude…so did that person ever call you? Unless he had an accident or there was real trouble at home, you can’t overlook that.

    1. He sent me a message telling me it was his “bad.” I guess he forgot. I sent him a message at around 7 am but maybe I should have confirmed the day before. This happens to me often. I guess I need to make sure everything is confirmed before I go anywhere…

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