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Concert Review: Bleachers Music

I love alternative music.  I’ve been listening to Alt Nation for years now and generally love the music on the station.  When I heard the new song, “Wanna Do Better,” by Jack Antonoff, of fun. who recently started another project, Bleachers, I fell in love!

The song is upbeat and just makes you “wanna do better!”  I’ve never bopped so much in the car when his song comes on.  Then recently, Alt Nation started to play “Shadows,” another Antonoff song which is just as good if not better! He also played Tom Petty cover, “Don’t come around here no more…” It was a great rendition of the song.

So, when my husband and I saw that Jack would be playing at the Williamsburg Music Hall in Brooklyn, we immediately bought tickets.  We also purchased three tickets — two for my children and one for my daughter’s boyfriend. They were thrilled to go!

Jack Antonoff is a pure talent.  He is an excellent guitarist and songwriter.  He’s also an amazing performer.  He stirred up the crowd so much that everyone was dancing. It felt as if the building was shifting there was so much energy in the room.

What I love about Antonoff and Bleachers is that they appeal to all generations. Yes, there were a ton of 20 somethingers in the room but there were plenty of us “older folk” there too.

Jack Antonoff is incredibly cute and has a great stage presence. He was apologetic that he only had 9 or so songs to sing. He said, “typically, bands have encores but not us. We’re going to go right through the end!” The crowd cheered!

Not only is Jack Antonoff’s music awesome but he’s seeing a talented writer, producer and actress, Lena Durnham of GIRLS.  She was actually at the show and looked amazing.  When the show was over, she beamed over the balcony and waved.  Everyone was so excited.  Also at the show was Taylor Swift with her new boyfriend. I didn’t see her but my daughter did. She was sitting up in the balcony on the bleachers and star gazed as the show was going on. I kept getting text messages but I couldn’t get through the crowd. We were on the side squished up against the rail. I didn’t mind. We saw the whole show and it was a perfect way to spend an evening.

If you get the opportunity to see Bleachers, go for it.  You definitely won’t be disappointed.  I’m so excited that I will see them again when I go to Firefly in June!

Here’s a snippet from the show…

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  1. I stopped reading after you mistakenly called Bleachers’ debut single “Wanna do better” instead of “I Wanna Get Better”… Truly embarrassing.

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