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Concert Review: Rodrigo Y Gabriella

Two amazing musicians played the Beacon Theatre in New York City this past weekend.  And, as they played their acoustic guitars, the audience was either on the edge of their seats or standing and cheering.

The musicians were Rodrigo y Gabriella of Mexico City.  (Today only Gabriella lives in Mexico City and Rodrigo lives in Barcelona.) The duo, not related to each other or a couple, make their guitars sound like a whole entire band is playing. They bang on their guitars as if they were drums and the sounds that come out are truly amazing!

Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero met as teens and loved heavy metal.  You can hear that in their music today. The music has a Spanish flair with heavy metal undertones. You just want to keep listening because it’s so engaging.

The concert had many of the songs from their new album, 9 Dead Alive, but the most memorable one was Misty Moses, a tribute to Harriet Tubman.  While the duo played their guitars, the overhead screen showed images that went along with the music and changed with the beat.

To break up the evening, Rodrigo sang two songs, one of which was from Stone Temple Pilot. Gabriella smiled as he sang.

Rodrigo y Gabriella are incredibly talented and make their guitars sing and dance. If you like hearing great guitarists, I would highly recommend seeing them.

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