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Tips On Creating Effective Healthcare Marketing Materials

By M C Morgan/Flickr
By M C Morgan/Flickr

All you read about today is the prevalence of social media. Although social media is important and a great way to connect with your patients, it’s not always the best way to connect with your referral sources.

Printed materials are here to stay. Referral sources still want printed materials for their offices. The typical wait time in a health care practice is longer than ever and to have ample materials to keep patients and visitors occupied is important.

Here are some tips on creating healthcare marketing materials that are effective:

  • Place in a prominent area of the waiting room – If you are cross referring with another practice, make sure that their materials are in a prominent place that people will notice it.
  • Keep the Design Simple – Make sure the design is simple, yet appealing. Don’t overdo it with too many photos or too much copy.
  • Keep the copy succinct and easy to read — Make sure the font size is large enough so that it doesn’t require people to take out their reading glasses.
  • Target the Right Practices – Physicians still refer to other physicians and patients tend to go with the referrals. Make sure to develop several different practice areas that will help cross sell to each other.
  • Make sure to include a “Call to Action” – On every flyer or brochure, make sure that you include a call to action. How can someone set up an appointment with you? What if someone wants more information? Do you have a website? Provide all pertinent information.
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1 thought on “Tips On Creating Effective Healthcare Marketing Materials

  1. One of my corporate projects was to research what people wanted to see in marketing materials, and my findings where that people felt the materials were not written with their needs in mind. Customer needs come first with every form of marketing. Thank you…this brought me back to my days in the corporate world!

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