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10 Things To Do/Take With You To Your First Music Festival – Firefly 2014

  1. Suntan lotion (You don’t think about it, but if it’s a sunny day, you will get burned.)
  2. Good walking shoes (so many people were wearing flip flops or converse sneakers but you really needed a good pair of walking shoes)
  3. Floppy hat (don’t worry about how you look, everyone looks silly at these festivals)
  4. Flowers for your hair if you are a woman or a silly hat/balloon animal if you are a man (One man was holding a giant blown up shark.)
  5. Bring a blow up photo of a random person (why? I have no idea but I saw a ton of random people on sticks at this festival.)
  6. Be open-minded (You will not see everyone you want to see but you will also see some new bands and they may turn out to be your favorites.)
  7. Be prepared to walk!
  8. Don’t expect to eat healthy (Although my friends tried to eat healthy most of the food at the festivals are a million calories.)
  9. Get the VIP pass if you can afford it (It was worth it. Between the comfy coaches, free soft drinks and air conditioned bathrooms, it was well worth the extra money.)
  10. Relax, Have Fun and Unwind
Photo Courtsey of Razberry Photography -
Photo Courtsey of Razberry Photography
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