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First Timer’s Festival Review: Day 3 and 4 FireFly Music Festival in Delaware

HT Day3Day 3 seemed like a blur. We had done so much walking during the past two days that by the time the third day came around, we were exhausted.  We tried to eliminate some of the walking by staying at one end of the park instead of walking all over the place.

During the day we saw some notable bands including: Ms Mr (they really rocked the house!) and Lucias (two women wearing similar blonde and blue wigs and had an interesting sound — not quite punk, not quite goth, and not quite new wave all mixed in one).

Photo taken by Brian Topper
Photo taken by Brian Topper

We saw Grouplove twice — once on the main stage and once in the coffee house. Obviously they were better at the coffee house because it’s a smaller venue and we were able to get up close, even though we were on the side.  I only wished that they played two different sets.  They tended to play the exact set as on the main stage. (They also came out 20 minutes late due to a sound check!)

Day 4 started early with Vance Joy. I was excited about this show until we actually sat down and heard it. The band is from Australia and they are very mellow, a little too mellow for my taste. I was actually surprised because I love the hit song, Riptide and thought all their songs would have an upbeat feel.

The NoNoNo‘s followed Vance Joy at an adjacent stage.  The lead singer engaged the audience and they were a lot of fun to watch.

Photo taken by Nelson Vinokur
Photo taken by Nelson Vinokur

After that, my husband, Brian, and I separated from our group of friends and went to see Misterwives in the Forest. They were incredible.  They are a new band from NYC and they had a great sound. The lead singer, Mandy Lee, really knew how to get an audience going.  There was great chemistry between her and the band and their enthusiasm only further fueled the audience’s enthusiastic response.  Her band consisted of: William Hehir- Dirty Bass; Etienne Bowler- Dirty Drums; Marc Campbell- Guitar, and Dr. Blum- Keys/Trumpet/Accordian. This is definitely a band to watch!

We ran over to The Porch where Wild Cub was playing. Again, I was so excited to see them. They were amazing in NY when they warmed up for Atlas Genius, but here, the sound was horrible. We stuck around for two songs and left. The bass was so loud that you could barely make out what song they were singing.  They should have taken their clue from Grouplove and made sure the sound was good before coming out.

Ziggy Marley was next for us in our program so we headed over to The Backyard and met up with our friends – Madeline, Steve, Nelson, June and Stephanie. He was fun. He played a bunch of his own Reggae songs and then played one of my favorite Bob Marley songs, One Love.

We ended the day by watching Broken Bells on The Lawn. They sounded great and were a lot of fun to watch and listen to. They broke out all their hit song including their newest,  Holding on for Life.

“So what did you think of your first festival?” my friend, Madeline asked me as we were exiting the park.

“It was a lot of fun,” I said.

It actually was a great weekend of music, music and friendship!


Special thanks to Razberry Photography, Brian Topper and Nelson Vinokur for taking awesome photos!

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