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Who Is Using #GoogleGlass or Any Other Smart Glass Product?

Have you wondered why more people aren’t wearing Google Glass or any other Smart Glass product for that matter?

I have. I’ve been a Google Glass explorer since the beginning of the program, last summer 2013. Since then, whenever I attend a tech meet up or even a wearable tech conference, I barely see anyone wearing Google Glass or any other Smart Glass product.  But, GoPro seems to be flying off the shelves.  I just don’t get it!

When I started to really think about it,  I realized that Google Glass is perfect for manufacturing and industry related jobs.  Take a look at the Dubai Police Department.  They have incorporated Glass for all their patrol people. When a police vehicle stops you in Dubai, an officer comes out wearing Google Glass and uses them for facial recognition and past records.

Or, look at companies like ITAMCO that makes applications for manufacturing companies.  These are Google Glass apps and are used for inventory, energy efficiency on parts and repair videos.  Employees can even share information with their supervisor by taking a photograph and sharing it to the supervisor’s glass.

Physicians and surgeons are using Google Glass during operations.  Glass enables them to keep an eye on the patient while seeing the patient’s charts and vitals in Glass, making them more efficient and effective during the procedure.

How about architects?  They are using Google Glass for building dimensions, 3D images and to get building codes.

And talking about real estate, what a great way for real estate agents to showcase their portfolio to prospects via Google Glass.  Agents can go into an apartment, film it through the first person point of view and then share it on Youtube and through their social channels to sell apartments and houses.  What a time saver!

The possibilities and the things that are happening with Glass and other Smart Glass products is unlimited.  As various businesses adopt Google Glass into their businesses, so will consumers into their homes.  Imagine coming home from work, being able to adjust the air conditioning or heating system, turning on the lights, and turning on the stove to make dinner, all through Google Glass?  It’s possible and will probably be a reality in the near future.


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