Holiday Gift Giving Guide

11 Holiday Gift Ideas For Those Who Have Everything

Know someone who is impossible to buy for? Then check out these 10 holiday gift ideas for those who have everything:

  1. Philips Hue — Light up your room with different colors. Use your iPhone or Android app and set the mood in any room with over 16 million colors.  Price: $199.95
  2. Drone – Check out this drone that flies around and you can use your GoPro to videotape along the way.  Price: $599
  3. The Physicians Guide to Financial Freedom – This new book is a perfect gift for the physician in your life.  Help him/her get to financial freedom thanks to expert, Jay Hochheiser of Hochheiser & Deutsch in Woodbury, Long Island.
  4. Zeusvision – Get your sign or ad on a bus that travels around LA and NYC with Zeusvision. Price $99
  5. Star or a Constellation – Buy a star or constellation for your loved one.  Starting price: $54
  6. Love & Quiches Pumpkin Cheesecake – Love & Quiches makes some of the best brownies, cheesecakes and quiches ever.  For an amazing cheesecake, go to their outlet store in Freeport and ask for the Pumpkin Cheesecake. You won’t be disappointed.
  7. Weekend at Space Camp – If your loved one enjoys space, he/she will love a weekend at space camp.
  8. Golf GPS Watch — Check out this golf GPS watch from Garmin. It will tell you how far you are from the hole and more! Price: $399
  9. Quiet Comfort Headphones by Bose — These are awesome headphones that I would love to check out but I hear they sound amazing. Price: $299.95
  10. Smart Lock — Lock anything anywhere and monitor it all using this smart lock and app.  Price: $249.99
  11. The Wine Clip 2 — This cool magnetic clip brings out the best in every bottle of wine you drink, no matter what the cost! Great gift idea of the wine enthusiast – Price: $29.95

If you have any other thoughts on gift ideas for that difficult person to buy for, please share below in the comment section!  Thanks and happy holidays to you!



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