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Stocking Stuffer: The Wine Clip 2

If you need another gift or stocking stuffer, you may consider purchasing The Wine Clip 2.  The Wine Clip 2 promises to bring out the best in every bottle of wine, even if it’s a cheap bottle.

Typically, I like expensive red wines.  I was in Napa and Sonoma last summer with my husband and we toured some amazing wineries.  Now, I only drink California wines.  But there was a time before this, after visiting Italy, that I would only drink Italian Wines. According to the website, this clip works on any bottle and improves the taste.

What I found interesting is, it uses principles of magnetics to improve the taste of wine as it is being poured. The website says:

“The effect is instantaneous, and has been found by many wine professionals to result in a genuine improvement in flavor and mouthfeel, especially when used on red wines. Using magnets to treat fluids – water, fuel, wine, etc. – is not a new idea, and the technology has been applied successfully in many industries. What causes the effect is the subject of continuing research, but it is generally thought that passing a conductive fluid through a properly designed magnetic field has an effect on the polar molecules in the fluid.”

Ok, it all sounds good but let’s see if it works… Here’s what I found:

I drank a bottle of California Ledson red wine.  I poured a glass without the wine clip and one with the wine clip. I waited a minute or two and sipped the wine. At first, I wasn’t sure so I sipped some more. Then I was convinced that the glass with the Wine Clip 2 was smoother than the one without it.

I tried it yet again a couple of days later with a $30 French wine. I tasted the difference. I found it smoother and much easier to drink. My husband took the taste test too and didn’t find any difference in the taste.

I think if you’re curious, check it out.  It’s only $29.95 and comes in a beautiful presentation.  It’s a great gift for the person who has everything! Love to hear your thoughts. Let me know what you think in the comment section below. Thanks.


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