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Want to Have a Better Golf Swing?

If you want to have a better golf swing, there’s a new wearable technology product that was made especially for you.

It’s freezing in NY so unfortunately, I won’t have the opportunity to check out this product until the spring. But for those of you living in Florida, Texas and California, you may want to read on.  The product, called Zepp Golf, will help you improve your golf swing!

Zepp Golf is a sensor that attaches to your golf glove.  When you take a swing, it analyzes it by tracking the club head speed, tempo, club plane, hand path and backswing position. It then compares and shares your swing data on an app that you can download with your iPhone or Android device.

What’s really cool about it is you get personalized tips, drills and even coaching through the app. It helps you set goals and track your improvement. It does this all through wireless data capture!

Zepp makes these wearable devices for baseball, tennis and X.  You can purchase the mounts separately depending on the activity.

What I also like about it is it’s lightweight. I attached to my glove and I could barely feel it was there. I just wish I had the opportunity to check it out but if I take a swing in my house, I will certainly brake something!

So, I’ll circle back to this post when the weather gets nice and I’ll let you know what I think of it.  In the meantime, it’s only $149.99 and could take strokes off your game.  That to me is worth it!

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