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Mio Fuse Activity Tracker Review

Move over FitBit, JawBone and Shine, the Mio Fuse Activity Tracker is here and will give those companies a run for their money!

I chose to write this review specifically since the Mio Fuse Activity Tracker is geared for runners and cyclists.

The Mio Fuse Activity Tracker tracks your heart rate and heart rate zones right on your wrist! It also counts your steps, calories burned and you don’t need a strap around your waist! So when you’re working out, the band will flash different colored lights indicating what heart rate zone you are in, which is an important feature for those of us who like to work out hard!

One of my favorite features is Mio Fuse can link up with third party applications including the Garmin Connect, Strava, Wahoo Kickr, Map My Run, Map My Ride, and more! The Mio Fuse works with an app for your Android or IPhone called, Mio Go. You need to download this to get started and key in all of your stats prior to working out.

The other feature I like is that it’s waterproof to 30 meters, so you don’t have to take it off when you’re in the pool or open water.

When running with the Mio Fuse, it tracks your pace and has a stopwatch feature.

The other feature I like is that it fits snug on your wrist, no matter what the size. (I happen to have a very small wrist and many of these trackers don’t fit right but the Mio Fuse has a snap feature that keeps the device in place all day long.) It’s extremely comfortable and after a while you don’t even know you’re wearing it. The device comes in two colors – black outer and either aqua inner for the smaller wrist (5.9” – 7”) or crimson inner for the larger wrist (6.1” – 8.2”)

What doesn’t the Mio Fuse do? It doesn’t track sleep and it doesn’t track stairs, so the stair-master is out with this wearable device.

The Mio Fuse has two sets of raised dots on the device. When you touch the dots, the display illuminates, when you touch them again, you can scroll through your data.

In the center of the band, there is another dot where you touch and hold to start a workout. When this feature is enabled, the Heart Rate Monitor displays your heart rate. When you touch the center area one more time, you can begin your workout tracking.


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