What To Bring To A Music Festival Like Firefly Music Festival

Thinking of going to a music festival? Or might want to attend Firefly next year?

This was my second year at Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware. If you are planning on coming here next year, there’s a few things you need to make sure you bring with you:

  • IMG_20150621_154042_resizedGood walking shoes/Hiking Shoes are preferable — The ground is hard and when it’s wet it gets very muddy. Be prepared to leave your shoes in the state of Delaware following the concert series.
  • No Flip Flops or Converse All Stars – Although fashionable, these types of shoes will get ruined.
  • Rain Gear – Bring a poncho or some type of rain gear. The weather is very soupy and hot and the likelihood of rain is always probable.
  • Very light clothing – Wear as little as possible. Dry fit may work best here.  Or, just keep clothes loose fitting. The humidity is intense and it’s very warm here.
  • A Floppy hat – Bring a floppy hat in case it’s a sunny day. You will thank me for it. You can buy a cheap one at BJ’s or Cosco for under $10.
  • Flashlight – It gets very dark at night and without a flashlight you really can’t see where you’re going, especially if there are big mud pits!
  • Portable Water Bottle – They do have refill stations here or you can purchase a bottle or two and keep it with you all the time. Hydration is the key at these types of festivals.
  • Mellow attitude — Going to a festival is like having an endurance test. Try to go with the flow and just enjoy the music of the moment!
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