Cole Haan ZeroGrand Wing Oxford Review

20150701_184908_resizedI saw the Cole Haan ZeroGrand Wing Oxford’s at a store in SoHo. I tried them on. The only color they had was maroon leather. I bought them. I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were. My feet, my legs and my body were happy.

I decided to buy another pair. This time I bought the Cole Haan ZeroGrand Wing Oxford in baby blue or what some would call sky blue. They are very pale blue suede shoes. So, I started wearing these shoes all the time because I thought the maroon ones were more for the winter. But I felt it was limiting.

So, I bought two more pair of Cole Haan ZeroGrand Wing Oxford shoes. This time in periwinkle blue and black suede. Now, I wear them all the time. I don’t want to wear anything else because I walk a lot. The more I walk around the city or from meeting to meeting, the more I want to wear my Cole Haan ZeroGrand Wing Oxford shoes.

They weren’t cheap. They cost me close to $200 a pair but you know what, they are worth it.

I was in Chicago for the week at a trade show and decided to wear my Periwinkle Cole Haan ZeroGrand Shoes. I can’t tell you how many people complemented me on the shoes. If I think back, I would have to say it was at least a dozen people, including the guy that drove me around the airport!

So I decided to give Cole Haan a little plug here because the shoes are comfortable, they feel like sneakers and they look great too. Thanks Cole Haan for making such super shoes for the walkers out there!