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IHOP’s New Logo Turns Frowns Upside Down

IHOP's New Logo

The International House of Pancakes revealed a new logo that gives their brand a fun and upbeat new lease on life.

IHOP_Restaurant_logo.svgBountiful breakfast platters and stacks of buttery pancakes might bring a smile to your face, but the pancake house’s old logo contained a subliminal frown in the downturned red banner that displayed the word “Restaurant” under the trademark bubble text.

Studio Tilt has kept the easily recognizable typography in the new branding, but has pared down the unnecessary boxes and banners that dated the logo. What’s left behind is a simple to recognize image that instantly puts a smile on your face.

From the perspective of a millennial, this logo really speaks to a younger crowd. It’s sleek and modern, but also witty and fun leaving the IHOP brand so much room to play with the logo in other promotional materials and social media campaigns. I can see so many opportunities for the brand to encourage Instagram engagement with such an upbeat and easy to replicate logo.

Rival breakfast restaurant Denny’s has a corner on attracting Twitter-savvy youth with their “weird Twitter” inspired account that uses clever memes and emojis to further their brand without feeling forced.

As a designer, I’m so glad that IHOP’s new logo lets you work outside of a box. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to incorporate a boxy and dark logo onto a new piece of fun branding material. This new look has a transparent background and bright colors that will easily convert to black and white versions or reverse easily for use on colored backgrounds.

04What I’m gushing about even more than the new logo is the new interior designs for restaurants. The homey photography with a retro color treatment is beautiful and stays true to the new bright color scheme. The iconography makes it easy to communicate the brand to diners from around the world. The best part is the updated wallpaper and pendant lamps that give the interior of the restaurants a quirky, vintage style using perfectly paired fonts and bright colors without being too distracting.

I can’t wait to see the new brand roll out at my local IHOP.

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