JetBlue Where Are Your Manners?

I understand that flights get delayed. If you know me, you know that I travel a lot. I am probably on a plane at least once a month. But this particular trip to and from Chicago, really ticked me off. Jetblue, where are your manners?

I arrived at the airport at 2 pm for a 4:30 depart out of O’Hare and into JFK. After checking in with my suitcase and backpack, I got to the gate to find that my flight was going to take off at 7:30 pm.

I asked the woman behind the desk if there were any other flights leaving the airport going to JFK. She said she couldn’t help me. She was too busy. (There wasn’t anyone else around for her to help so I didn’t really understand.)

I called my office. “What’s up Hilary,” said Ashley on the other end. I explained that my flight was delayed and asked her to research other flights. She did and found that there was a Delta flight leaving at 4:30 pm but it was in a different terminal.

With a heavy suitcase and backpack loaded with swag and two pairs of sneakers tied to it, I made my way over to the other terminal. It was over a mile away. My back started to hurt and I looked at my watch to see how many steps I took and was already at 12000 steps.

When I got to Delta, the woman behind the desk told me to book the flight over the Internet. “It will be cheaper,” she said. Ashley called but couldn’t book the flight. I told the woman behind the counter. She sent me to the man in the back of Delta Sky Club. I spoke with him and after all the charges the flight back would have been more than $300! He told me that it wasn’t worth it because that flight was also delayed. It would only be an hour difference. (As it turned out, that flight boarded and left long before my JetBlue flight 606 did!)

So I sat at the Delta Sky Club and had a couple of glasses of wine, did some work, ate some popcorn and chicken salad and tried to relax.

About two hours later, I decided to make my way over to JetBlue. I was dreading the long walk with the heavy bags. As I started walking, I saw a man with a vehicle. I asked him how much. He said jump on in and he took me to my destination.

“No wonder you wanted me to take you here,” he said and smiled. “This is a long walk!”

I sat at the gate and surfed the internet. I finished a blog post and heard an announcement that the Boston flight, which was also delayed was finally boarding. There was another announcement that the gate had been changed for flight 606. I walked over to the new gate.

Then there was announcement that the plane landed. People started to come off the plane. There was another announcement that they lost the crew. “We can’t seem to locate the crew at this time so we will be boarding later.”

I made a Periscope video and tried to be mellow about the whole situation. We finally boarded. As I saw an open slot right by my seat, Sharon, the flight attendant made an announcement to put your luggage wherever you want. The woman who watched my stuff while I went to the bathroom earlier, took my slot. I had no place to put my luggage! I was angry.

Sharon took it away and said, “we’re checking this. It’s too big to put in the overhead compartment.” That’s when I lost it. She grabbed it from me and took it away. In the process my luggage tag fell off and I had some stuff in there that was valuable. Now, I’ve been “schlepping” this luggage around the airport for hours and now she’s taking it away from me because everyone took the slots before I had the opportunity to do so.

I said, “Well at least I could put some of my other stuff up top.” Sharon said, “Oh no, you have to keep it underneath the seat.”

I felt like a second-class citizen! I had no room for my legs. No room for anything! How dare she!

Boy from one negative experience sitting in the airport to being reprimanded by a “flight attendant..” I don’t know about you but I say, Jetblue, where are your manners???


As a side note, after the flight took off, Sharon apologized to me. I just hope that my baggage gets to NY in one piece!

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  1. Flying ain’t what it used to be. I still remember the pre-9/11 days of Godiva chocolates and champagne in business class and they would even give us a box and a bottle to take home. Now it’s so bad, I try hard not to go anywhere.

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