PR Events Attract Reporters and Bloggers

At the AMG Naturally event in NYC
At the AMG Naturally event in NYC

In Public Relations, or what we call PR, we’ve always had events for reporters and bloggers. These PR events are often so enticing as to attract reporters and bloggers so that they might cover your story.

Since I’ve been a bloggers for many years now, I’m on quite a few “guest lists.” Each of these events are more interesting than the next.

For example, I went to an event for a bathing suit company a few months ago. They rented a floor in a loft and had various rooms with different workouts going on.  There was a surfing room, a spin room and even a karate room. It was pretty cool to check out what people were doing while drinking a half a coconut, feeling like it was the summer, in the middle of the winter!

Another event for a sports apparel company had something similar but they added “free” manicures and hairstyles.

The other day, I went to the AMG Naturally event.  It’s a new skin care line introduced by Linda Lizotte. Her line includes all natural ingredients from plants that contain anti-aging cytokinins. Lizotte also includes two unique seed oils — Sacha Inchi seed and the Moringa Oleifera.  These ingredients are supposed to be great for the skin.  Her products are conservatively priced from $33 retail to $66 retail.

The event took place at the Dream Downtown Guesthouse in the meatpacking district.  I took the elevator up and arrived at a suite in the hotel that looked more like a luxurious apartment than a suite. I was greeted by a cheerful team who took me up a circular staircase where there were a couple of women giving out facials, massages and infra-red light district treatments.  There was also a hot tub and lots of women laying out relaxing.

Since I’m not a big “facial” type of gal, I decided to have a massage.  However, the massage ended up more like a facial than a massage.  The products went on heavy and felt particularly oily on my face. However, the next day, I could see a noticeable difference.

If it weren’t for this event, I may not have experienced the AMG Naturally line so I’m glad I went.

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