Album Review: Matt & Kim’s New Album We Were The Weirdos

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Matt & Kim have a new album and it’s very weird, hence the name — We Were the Weirdos. I saw Matt & Kim at Firefly Music Festival last year and were totally intrigued with their high energy and fun sound!

I had heard their music on Alt Nation and loved their songs — Daylight, Get It and Let’s Go. So seeing them in concert was amazing. The whole crowd was in an uproar. People were crowd surfing, dancing while standing on each other and trying to climb on the stage. It was hysterical and fun at the same time!

So, when I had the opportunity to check out their new album, We Were the Weirdos, I was psyched.

This album is very accessible and has the same sound as their previous albums/hit singles. All of the songs are just fun, danceable and have a great beat (thanks Kim!).

The first song on the album, Fall to Pieces, starts out with a catchy melody, with the opening words — “We were the weirdos hanging out at Prospect Park. We are the weirdos making out at a graveyard….”

Their lyrics are funny and just put a smile on your face. And as for their music, well it keeps you moving. songs are fun and definitely put a smile on your face.

There are four songs on the album – Fall to Pieces, Let’s Run Away, Please No More and Haunting Me. The four songs run for a total of approximately 11 minutes. If you love Matt & Kim, you will feel an instant connection to their music. It all sounds very familiar. You even hear Matt scream, “come on!” which if you are a Matt & Kim fan, you know that he says this a lot to get the crowd going.

If you have never heard of Matt & Kim, this is a great entree to their music. It’s fun. It’s upbeat. And, it keeps you dancing.

So if you like alternative dance music, you will love the new Matt & Kim album, We Were the Weirdos!

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