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CVS Rebrands and Offers Whole New Line of Products

20160511_091353_resizedCVS Rebrands and Offers Whole New Line of Products

CVS is now offering new products specifically designed for the consumer called CVS Health. The logo is a square shaped heart because as the PR folks and CVS representatives tell me, “we put heart in everything we do!”

This launch is the next phase in the company’s commitment to transforming its stores into premier health and beauty destinations by bringing high quality, innovative and trusted products to its shelves.

Papatya Tankut, Pharmacist and executive at CVS, said, “all of our CVS branded products go through rigorous testing. We make sure that everything is supervised and under regulations.”

Some of the product development team told me that they are trying to develop innovative new products to help consumers like, for example, making caps easier to open for people with arthritis and coming up with a new K-cup that will have the equivalent of NyQuil in it for day and night-time relief.

20160511_092224_resized“The difference between us and the brand product  — we consider the taste,” said Hillary Molengraff, Lead Product Development Manager. “This fall we are launching k-cups for night-time cold relief and it will taste like honey and lemon. The day time relief will taste like berries.  Both will be hot and can be used in a Keurig.”

The company is even focusing on putting messy things like calamine lotion and menthol gel in a continuous spray can.  “We want to give our consumers an alternative,” said Hillary, “so we now have vitamins in gummy pills and in a liquid format.”

Products that carry the trusted CVS Health brand name include allergy, cough, cold and flu remedies, digestive health, first aid, vitamins, diet and nutrition, eye care, sun care, nicotine replacement therapy, home diagnostics, women’s wellness and more.

CVS Health is committed to prevention and keeping consumers healthy.  Eighteen months ago, the company decided to eliminate tobacco products from their 7900 locations throughout the USA. One of their PR reps told me that 75% of the population live near a CVS.  “There are also 3,000 individual products,” he said.

The CVS Health brand offers high quality products at a good value, with prices ranging from 20 to 40 percent less than other comparable brands. All CVS Pharmacy exclusive products offer  a 100 percent money-back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction. Products are available in stores nationwide and online at CVS.com. To locate nearby CVS Pharmacy stores, visit CVS.com/stores.




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