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Ever Think about Your Past Life?

Ever think about your past life?

After listening to Ann Barham on my radio show, Hilary Topper On Air, I asked her if I could have a session on my past lives.

We set a date.

Leading up to the date, I was anxious, nervous ad a little scared. Will this change my life? Will I find out something that I really don’t want to know?

“What if you were a murderer or a rapist?” my daughter asked me when I told her I was doing this.

“Oh boy, I don’t know if I would want to know that… but I’m sure I wasn’t!” I said.

Right before the session, I set up my room. I decided to work from home that day and wanted to make sure that everything was in place. I had a comfortable chair. I had tissues. I had a blanket. I had a water bottle. Everything on my checklist was marked off, so I was ready to go.

When Ann skyped me I tried to feel relaxed. She asked me what my perfect place was. I told her sitting alone on a white sandy beach with a beautiful blue sky and the water gently breaking on the sand. I wore a sweatshirt and watched as the birds flew by and the waves crashed into the jetties.

We started the session by Ann guiding me into a deep relaxation. Once I felt relaxed. She took me to the beach and told me to leave my current body. I could feel myself flying in the air over my body to a place that was very peaceful.

She then asked me to land back on earth. “What do you see?” she asked.

I told her I felt that I was in something very soft. I wasn’t wearing shoes. My hair was in long braids and I was a native American. No one was around and as I was calling for help, I was sinking into a deep pot of quicksand.

When she asked me to think back to a time before the quicksand, I told her that I was a new mother and that my husband was an important person in the tribe. He reminded me of my current husband but didn’t look like him at all. He was tall, dark skinned, long hair and very muscular. He was a provider for me and for the tribe.

I wasn’t happy and felt very alone with my baby.

When she asked me to go even further back, five years back, I was living with my parents. I was going to a school or maybe I just congregated with my friends but we were learning something. My mother was very supportive. But I was told that I was to be with this man, that it would be good for our people.

When I went back to the quicksand, I saw that I died. I suffocated. As I was suffocating, I was thinking about my baby and what would happen to her. I was more upset about that then I was of dying. This was in the 1600’s in the US.

As Ann brought me to a special place away from this place, I had a sense of peace and love. I felt my mother embracing me and telling me that everything was going to be okay, that everything was going to work out the way it was supposed to work out.

Ann tried to bring me to another life but as I landed in the “new” life, my computer crashed and the screen went dead. Everything was silent. My initial thought was astronaut. I can see myself wearing a spacesuit. I knew I was a man. I never had the opportunity to delve into that life because my computer went dead.

Once I was able to get back online, I skyped Ann again. She said that we were wrapping up anyway. We talked for a few minutes about the Native American life and its significance to this life.

She also said that in the coming days, other lives may come to me in a dream or daydream and to embrace them but they never did.

I don’t know if this was a real past life regression or if it was my vivid imagination at work. But whatever the case, it was an interesting experiment.


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