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Cool New Product: Saltwater Canvas’ Bolongo Bay Bag for Adventures


Ever hear of Saltwater Canvas? You may have seen them at the NY TRI EXPO last March. The company makes really awesome beach bags and some of them are perfect for your open water swims or even pool swims. Saltwater Canvas has a cool new bag called, Bolongo Bay Bag for Adventures, and I recently had the opportunity to check it out. 

In addition to open water, which by the way, it fits my wetsuit, my towel, my goggles and swim suit with more room to go. I can even put in a water bottle, sun tan lotion and more. It’s incredibly big and comfortable to wear.

I also used it for the pool. I put in my flippers, my paddles, my pull buoy, goggles, nose plugs, bathing cap, and other accessories for the shower including a towel and my clothes and everything fit perfectly!

What I like about this bag is it’s made of a mesh like material so if you get it wet or you get sand in it, you can just shake it out and it is back to its original way!

IMG_0139The owner of Saltwater Canvas told me that the bag is a great travel bag, gym bag, and beach bag. The three zippers make it airplane friendly, and secure for passports and things. She said she “used it on a cruise and it was really great for walking around town, off the ship.”

The Bolongo Bay Bag was designed for travel, beach, vacation, shopping, and picnic. Four pockets with two zippers on the inside, and four pockets outside with a ziptop. Extra secure for overhead storage on the plane, and journeys wherever you go. This bag is a slender oval shape and can be easily put in a suitcase without taking up any room! 

Specifically, the Bolongo Bay Bag holds 2-3 beach towels, snacks, books, drinks, sunscreen; gym and swim accessories; and picnic items. It’s huge! I can attest to that! 

It has eight pockets, three zippers, a snap hook for keys or glasses and is 12″ tall & 16.5″ x 9″ oval base. with a 1″ doubled shoulder straps run length of bag for no rip strength.

What’s also cool about this bag is if you take it to the beach, all you need to do is hose it off at the end of the day and it dries fast or you can wash it in the machine and hang it to dry. Saltwater Canvas guarantees the bag for five years on its functions. Seriously? Who does that?

The price for this bag is only $32.97 and you can get a  20% off orders over $20, just type in “summertime,” in the redemption code.  This discount is good through Labor Day!  

Personally, I love it for my open water swims and highly recommend it! I particularly like the patriotic colors and I plan on using it, if and when, I go to the beach!