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Is the Apple iWatch Worth Buying?

Is the Apple iWatch Worth Buying?

I had the original Apple MacIntosh Computer. I’ve been an Apple fan since then! However, when I was selected by Google to be a Google Glass Explorer, I went to the other side. For years, I only bought Android products.

But I found that Android mobile phones didn’t really work well with all my other Apple products. (I never went to the PC platform. I continued to buy Apple computers through the years.) That is when I switched again and purchased the iPhone 6S.

img_2461After that, I was toying with the idea of getting the Apple iWatch. I talk about it in my Hofstra PR264 class, but never tried it out. I decided to take the splurge after the NYC Marathon. Hey, I deserved a new gadget, didn’t I?

When the box arrived, I was so excited. I have been wearing the Garmin 920xt smart watch for a couple of years. The Garmin 920xt is a robust watch that connects with my mobile device and shares alerts, Facebook messages, Twitter messages and text messages. I also get notifications when my phone rings and more. But I use it primarily for the data it collects when I swim, bike and run. It tells me my cadence, my speed, my time, my power and more. It’s pretty cool.

The best thing about the 920 xt, it uploads directly into a program called Garmin Direct and also Training Peaks. My coach gets notification immediately when I upload a training.

But the Apple iWatch doesn’t do that. What it does do is this:

  • shares notifications on Facebook, Twitter, and Text Messages
  • enables you to use apps like the LIRR train schedule app to find out what time to take the train into the city or the eBay app to see how my recent auction is doing.
  • has tons of different apps
  • change the watch face every day
  • control your music and your camera on your phone
  • and my favorite, I can send text messages by talking to my iWatchimg_2459

If you like to run, you can also keep track of that with an app. Nike perfectly syncs with the iWatch and if you want, you can leave your phone home with the GPS features on the watch.

Talking about the GPS, it works pretty good and provides you with directions on where you’re going — another nice feature.

Although I love watches to accessorize my outfits, I really just need the Apple iWatch.

Is it worth it? I think so. I’m enjoying it but it does come with a big ticket price of $369 and up. The Hermes collection starts at $1,299.

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