Ted Baker and Pop International Galleries Team Up

Ted Baker and Pop International Galleries Team Up

When my client at Pop International Galleries told me about their partnership with Ted Baker in SoHo and invited me to an event Thursday evening, I was excited. What’s better than shopping and pop art all in one place?

img_2282So on Thursday, I took the R train to Prince Street and then walked around the corner to Wooster Street in SoHo and walked into the new Ted Baker store.

I was immediately “wow’d!” The store is huge. The manager noticed me right away and asked if he could show me around. He showed me the different pieces of art around the store and told me that anything and everything in this Ted Baker shop was for sale, “including the couch and chairs in the dressing room.”

img_2288They also had some interesting bicycles and surf boards for sale. The art work, though was right up my alley. I love urban/pop art, especially graphitti art. The two artists they were featuring that evening were: Mike Baca and Fernando Romero of UR New York. (OMG, they are amazing artists!)

I was offered either a gin based or whiskey based drink and passed hors deourvres were coming at me as I had the opportunity to check out the art and the clothes, which by the way, Ted Baker is one of my favorite designers!

After I went into the dressing, tried on practically everything in the store, I ended up buying a sweater, pair of leather gloves and a small purse. I was excited to get 20% off my purchase plus walk away with a signed litho, a really cool canvas bag with the artists drawing on it and a bunch of Ted Baker buttons!

img_2294The coolest moment for me was when I had the opportunity to meet both Mike Baca and Fernando Romero of UR New York and got to know a little more about them through their mission statement:

“Our mission as a collective is to create an urban-industrial aesthetic by combining graffiti, photography, screen-printing and graphic design. Using elements of our everyday lives and personal histories, we try to create challenging and inviting environments which individuals can be drawn into and relate to in various ways. Each work of art we create tells the story of our lives, our struggles, and our surroundings. We seek to inspire respect and tolerance through our creative endeavors, but especially hope that we can reach the youth of the world, so that that they are encouraged to make good choices, stay in school, attain their creative dreams and to hopefully pick up where we leave off….”

If you get a chance to go down to SoHo in the near future, I would recommend going into the Ted Baker store and then checking out Pop International Galleries. Have fun!