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Childhood Life Lessons: Ignore Those 10 Seconds of Negativity

Childhood Life Lessons: Lysa Carre – Ignore Those 10 Seconds of Negativity

As you know, I teach at Hofstra University. The course I teach is called, Communications Technology. During a recent class, I invited Waldo Cabrera of My Long Island TV to talk about filming video segments. Instead, he said, “why don’t we ask the students for a memorable lesson that can help others for my One Minute Smarter segment?”

I was thrilled. What an amazing experience for the students!  Five students were selected to share their words of wisdom to the thousands of viewers on Long Island watching the show. Topics included: Embracing Your Differences, Thinking Positively, Ignoring Negativity, Focusing on Yourself, and Cherishing Yourself.

In the videos, each student eloquently recounts lessons learned. Here’s the first one in the series. I think you will agree. These are great life lessons!

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