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Product Review: TRIDONIS Workout Clothes

Product Review: TRIDONIS Workout Clothes

A new local Long Island company is trying to make their mark in the workout apparel industry. The company, TRIDONIS, was recently created by three brothers and a sister who wanted workout attire that would be comfortable and breathable at the same time.

Here’s their story:

The Tridonis story begins with three brothers, Anthony, Joe, and Stephen DePietto, all collegiate athletes from Long Island NY. Through their years of playing sports at the highest level, they always wore products from top brands that fell short when it came to performance on the field or broke the bank for a student athlete.  

The three brothers sought out to develop a high quality product that not only performed on the field to keep them dry, but also off the field to keep them comfortable. Working together with their sister Nicole who had a background in fashion, the foursome decided to launch Tridonis in 2016 with the mission to provide high quality performance athletic apparel that was affordable to athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

img_2455One of the “adopted” brothers and the sister came to my office to show me the apparel. They provided me with a long sleeve shirt and sweat pants to try out.

img_2448-1The one thing I noticed is that the pieces are well made. They have that same quick dry fabric that many of the top brands use and yet, they are nearly half the price! They also have a few breathable panels.

The sweat pants are pretty cool too. The have a wide elastic waste with deep pockets and elastic on the legs. They are extremely comfortable and fit like a gem!img_2457 img_2458

You can pick up TRIDONIS apparel online. Here’s the website: I think you’ll enjoy their products as much as I did!

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