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6 Tips For Staying At Your Happy Weight This Year

6 Tips For Staying At Your Happy Weight This Year

Learn how to maintain your weight this holiday season with tips from SHAPE magazine.

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You’re not trying to shed pounds—because you actually like what the scale says. And in fact, 41% of us say that we’re perfectly content with the way we look. To help you maintain your weight, SHAPE shares 6 science-backed, must-do strategies (including the 4 below) that will keep you in your look-great, feel-great place just in time for the holidays:

·         Put your go-to foods on repeat—Decide which healthy meals and snacks you love, then go ahead and eat them as often as you like. Relying on the same nutritious foods over and over is an easy way to keep your weight steady because it takes all the guesswork out of the process.

·         Understand the math—Even if you’re loading your grocery cart with fruits and veggies, it doesn’t mean you’re consuming fewer calories. You need to sub them in for the less healthy foods you’ve been eating to really see a difference.

·         Follow the 2-day rule—A regular and consistent workout routine is crucial. Aim for 4-5 hours of exercise a week, schedule it and try to stick to it. And even when you do skip, never let more than two straight days go by without some type of workout.

·         Tweak your technique—Consistency is a good thing, but it’s also important to switch things up to keep your body burning calories efficiently. Jeans starting to feel tight? Just make a couple of small changes, like trading your lattes for coffee with skim milk, or going for a walk during lunch.