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Kick Your Cold In Less Than A Week


With the weather changing and winter fast-approaching, the December issue of SHAPE offers tips on how to fight your cold in no-time.

Cold and flu season is here, and you might already be feeling the effects. The good news—you can shorten your misery by at least two full days. SHAPE shows you how with an expert-backed, 5-day game plan featuring targeted tips for relieving the symptoms each day.

  • Day 1: You’re starting to feel slightly congested and a little achy—pop a probiotic, start using a saline nasal rinse 3 times a day, and take zinc.
  • Day 2: You’re feeling worse, but still telling yourself that you’re fine—sleep in to recharge your immunity, and sweat it out for 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Day 3: You’re really sick now, and feeling stuffy, foggy, wheezy and achy—try turmeric which contains anti-inflammatories that stop viruses in their tracks, get acupuncture to boost your immunity, and cancel your workout.
  • Day 4: You’re still sick, but starting to feel better—stretch it out with some light yoga or a walk to get your heart rate up, and give your nose some TLC with a saline spray.
  • Day 5: You’re back to normal, except for a lingering cough and a runny nose—avoid combination cold medicines and spot-treat symptoms with antihistamines for a runny nose or tea with honey for a cough, and get back to the gym with cardio to boost blood flow.
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