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Instavit Introduces New Travel Kit

Instavit Introduces New Travel Kit

Instavit®, a health supplement company that provides an oral spray, instead of pills announced the Instavit “Travel Kit” to help you stay on point wherever the journey takes you.

The “Travel Kit” includes: Sweet Dreams, Instant Energy, Vitamin D, and Immune Strength. Instavit was expertly formulated to work within your busy lifestyle.  No matter how packed your schedule gets, the new “Travel Kit” will help you achieve an active and healthy lifestyle.

The company developed from a doctor’s need for a convenient, quick-absorbing vitamin supplement to recover from surgery. They are committed to fitness and quality lifestyles, to use and share their line of vitamin and health supplement sprays. Their products leverage the latest oral spray technology, have top quality ingredients and smart packaging, and deliver you a fast and modern approach to energy, sleep and health support.

The “Travel Kit” is currently available online and at retailers nationwide. For a limited time, enjoy $15 off your purchase with code: TRAVELKIT.

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