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Top Three Customer Service Tips That Are Certain to Wow Clients

Top Three Customer Service Tips That Are Certain to Wow Clients by Roger Kahn

Many businesses share the experience that finding new clients and retaining old ones is more challenging than ever before. The reasons are straightforward:

The Internet has made it convenient for everyone to be a shopper. All it takes is a quick Google search and customers can access companies near and far for the same products and services that you provide.

Keeping clients satisfied 100% of the time is next to impossible, and at some point every business is forced to react to a negative situation. The unfortunate news is that social media makes it very easy for people to voice their complaints to the world. In an instant a business can suffer irreparable damage to their reputation and its ability to win and retain customers.

Offshore companies are competing for the same clients and based upon their local economy can often offer to do work at a much reduced cost. Companies that have competed on price in the past can find themselves in a bind when competing on price with a company that can produce the work for a fraction of the cost.

Providing amazing customer service is one of the best ways to stand apart from the competition and win and retain customers. Here are three customer services tips that can help you to be memorable, wow your clients, and win their loyalty:

Exceed client expectations
Here’s the truth – good customer service will not set you apart from the competition. You must strive to deliver an exceptional product or service as well as provide amazing customer care every single time that you “touch” a customer, whether by phone, email, snail mail, social media, or face-to-face. Remember that the majority of your customers will not require extraordinary attention, but if and when they do this is the opportunity for you to create a customer for life simply by the way you react and solve any situation that has caused them a problem or to be dissatisfied in any way. And you don’t have to wait for a problem in order to exceed customer expectations. Successful companies look for ways to “delight” customers and build customer loyalty throughout the business relationship. Consistently providing a quality product or service, bringing in a project ahead of schedule and under budget, giving “something” for nothing are all ways that you can show your customers how much you appreciate their business.

Take ownership if there is a problem
Bad situations arise even in the best of companies.  It is how you handle the problems and challenges that can either win you a customer for life or lose them immediately. Here are the action steps you must take to diffuse a negative situation:

Apologize quickly. An apology is the first step to showing the client that you are taking ownership of the situation and not looking to cast blame onto someone else.

Make certain that you understand the situation. Clarify if necessary.

Provide a solution or solutions to the problem that are realistic and will rectify the situation.

Make certain that the solutions are implemented. There’s nothing worse than saying that you’ll correct the situation and then nothing happens.

Be accessible
One of the biggest complaints clients have about the companies and firms they do business with is that the person they need to speak with is often unavailable. That includes everyone from customer service reps all the way to the principals of the firm and pretty much everyone in-between. For the most part, customers don’t really ask for much. They want:
Prompt and courteous replies to their emails.

The ability to reach someone when they call or at the very least, to get a timely return call.

A website that provides them with the information they must have should a problem arise.

Remember that your employees should also treat customers with politeness and respect, and always be pleasant.

Roger Kahn is the CEO of Champion Office Suites in Garden City. Contact him at (866) 505-1225.

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