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Restaurants in and around Merrick: Sushi Ko

Sushi was fresh at Sushi Ko

Restaurants in and around Merrick: Sushi Ko

Now that I moved to Merrick, it’s opened a whole new array of eateries for my husband and me. Therefore, I’m going to share some interesting and unique restaurants to try in and around Merrick.

Shrimp GiozaThe first one in this series of restaurants is Sushi Ko.

My daughter and her boyfriend came out for Thanksgiving weekend. My son was back from Berkeley, so the five of us decided to get sushi.

“Can’t we go into Long Beach and go to Naghama?” my daughter asked.

“Why don’t we try something new?” I answered. So, we searched online and found that Sushi Ko got good reviews. We made a reservation and when we walked in, our table was waiting for us.

At Sushi KoThe food lived up to the reputation it received on social media.

Sushi Ko doesn’t have the ambiance of some of the other local Japanese restaurants but it makes up for it in the flavors of the foods. We started with house salads, which were a nice size and included various types of lettuce and a couple of grape tomatoes. The ginger dressing was the typical dressing you find at a Japanese restaurant. My son started with a hearty sweet and sour chicken soup.

Sushi was fresh at Sushi KoFollowing that, we had two different types of shrimp gyoza and a crispy duck appetizer. All were delicious and left us in anticipation of the final meal – the various rolls.

We ended up ordering:
  • Uptown Roll
  • Tiger Roll
  • Summer Roll
  • Surf & Turf Roll

The only problem was, the rolls were smaller than normal. There were only six pieces per order instead of eight so after four rolls, we were still left hungry and ordered an additional three rolls, including:

  • Dancing Dragon
  • Yellowtail Scallion
  • Crispy Duck Roll

Enjoying the meal at Sushi KoAfter that, we were thoroughly full and totally satisfied with the food. It was delicious and I would go back!