Restaurants In and Around Merrick: Merrick Suki

Restaurants In and Around Merrick: Merrick Suki Hibachi and Ramen House

It was a cold winter’s night and my husband and I decided to try a new Merrick restaurant. We passed by a few on the Merrick Avenue strip, but the one that stood out to us was Merrick Suki.

Merrick Suki has an eclectic menu of Hibachi and Ramen. They also serve an assortment of teas. My husband and I started with Oolong and Honeysuckle teas, both are supposed to be healthy teas. I was pleasantly surprised that the honeysuckle was so smooth and delicious. It hit the spot and warmed me right up!

Next, my husband had a duck dish that came with miso soup and a salad. I decided to get the lobster tail hibachi dinner. That came with a shrimp appetizer and fried rice. Both were delicious, although my husband did complain that his dish was lukewarm. He said it was still tasty.

The restaurant has nearly a dozen Ramen dishes and an assortment of soba noodle dishes as well.

It was packed on a Wednesday night and there were some people who were told to wait for a table. No wonder, I was enjoying every bite!

Would I recommend? Definitely, especially if you’re in the mood for good Hibachi or Ramen!


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