White Wine Review: Planeta La Segreta Grillo Sicilia Doc

White Wine Review: Planeta La Segreta Grillo Sicilia Doc

Like white wine? Then you will enjoy the Sicilia Grillo 2016!

This is the second bottle I received from the Sicilian wine manufacturer and it’s the second wine that makes me feel “psyched” to go to Sicily, in which I am going in May with my husband’s family. I can’t wait to try some of the other wines in the region, because so far the two I’ve tasted are superb!

The Sicilian white wine is light and airy and goes great as a stand alone on a cold winter morning, sitting by the fireplace or on a hot summer day sitting quietly in the backyard.

Interestingly, all the reviews I’ve read about La Segreta Grillo Sicilia Doc 2016 say it smells and tastes like peach and tropical fruit. Even the label says, “Grillo is a native grape of Sicily, and smells of white peaches, grapefruit and tropical fruits.”

Tropical fruit yes.

Peach? Hmmm… I don’t know about that one!

The clear yellow with a hint of green, has a smooth clean taste. It pairs great with white meat, fish, seafood appetizers and vegetarian dishes. It has a slight aftertaste, but goes down smooth. Make sure to chill before serving.

The label is of interest too. It shows an enclosed garden with four trees. This symbolizes, “beauty of the Sicilian countryside.”

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