BlogHer Health Conference 2018 – Review

BlogHer Health Conference 2018 – Review

The event was held on January 30 and 31st in New York City’s SoHo on Debresse Street. Most of the activities took place on the 11th Floor overlooking New York City’s skyline. When I arrived, breakfast was being served.

I grabbed a couple of items and made my way to a seat in a large hall with a stage up front. Unfortunately, there were lots of pillars that obstructed the view. Coincidentally, a friend and fellow team member of my Team Galloway LI was at the event. She is a blogger and also a physical therapist. We sat together.

Most of the speakers were uplifting and told personal stories that made everyone in the room cry. Jillian Michaels of the Biggest Loser was there. She mostly talked about her personal experiences but was asked a question about the Biggest Loser. Everyone in the room was “star-struck.” She was down to earth and informative.

But the value for me was the reinforcements about influencer marketing and the importance of it. (It’s so funny because as a marketer, we always focused on word of mouth marketing. Social media was the key to it and now, there’s been a shift to targeting individuals to get your message out. The more followers and engagement, the better. Most of these micro-influencers or influencers get big money to post for companies and brands.)

A couple of takeaways included:
  • Take an Instagram poll and see what your audience wants to see.
  • Ask yourself – Am I being trustworthy and transparent?
  • Don’t be on everything – if you’re on YouTube, stay there. If you’re on Instagram, focus on that.
  • Make sure your photos are awesome on Instagram.
  • Is social media serving you or are you serving it?
  • Ask questions in your Instagram comments.
In addition to the social media influencer takeaways, I also took away the following as it relates to healthcare:
  • Women tend to suffer in silence with real issues (that many doctors say don’t exist)
  • The system is biased against women
  • Women are told to get in a “johnny” or a gown with an opening in the back and the doctor is usually higher than the woman, giving him the advantage instead of the partnership
  • Before you go to the doctor, write down every point
  • Practice the script
  • Bring an advocate with you – bring a woman because of the power dynamics
  • Go to another place – find the right person – your doctor should be your partner

Made me think about my own health care and choices I’ve recently made. Was BlogHer Health worth it?  Personally and professionally, I think it was a win. (I even got a ton of swag…)


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